Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Two Hi-Lux Optics 8x USMC Scopes Are Better Than One!

Bought a second scope because I liked the first scope so much. 

First scope is mounted on a Kimber Model 82 .22 target rifle obtained from CMP. Perfect for this application - good magnification (especially @ normal 50 yard range distance); excellent optics, as I have had several Unertl and Lyman scopes to compare with; mounting was only a minor challenge, as I had a collection of Unertl and Lyman mount bases, two of which worked well (bull barrel on rifle drilled & tapped for scope blocks - just needed right height, and length to get the 7.2"). 

The second scope is mounted on a Springfield 1903, as you guys actually intended. Mounting, of course, was more of a challenge, but I found a video instruction on the Web that helped a lot. Mounted the rear mount first, using a Wheeler scope mounting mandrel, which assured proper spacing and, more importantly, alignment with the fore-aft receiver axis. Next, I built an aluminium jig (clamped the two mounts between two rails) that allowed me to exactly align the front mount with the rear mount, and included precise markings for the 7.2" spacing. Just some drilling and tapping, and the job was well and easily done. 

Have not yet fired the Springfield, but laser bore sighting looks very good, with zero very near to the mechanical center of the rear mount. Anticipate excellent performance, as was experienced with the first scope & mount. Recovering form heart attack, quadruple bypass, triple hernia repair, and am afraid to shoot any rifle with any recoil with a sewed-up sternum. Can't seem to get a straight answer from the doctors, as they don't shoot, thus don't understand the recoil forces involved, and the transfer of those forces to the sternum. Frustrating, to say the least! Looking for another shooter with same experience, but haven't found one yet. 

Only comment I would make is that the threads on the lens covers are extremely fine, and thus always a challenge to replace on the lenses. Thanks for an excellent product at a very reasonable price!


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