Friday, August 30, 2013

Hi-Lux Optics TAC-DOT Sight System

     Versatile...Simple...Easy...and Reliable all describe the new TAC-DOT reflex type red-dot sight from Hi-Lux Optics.  Here is a sight that is right at home on a variety of firearms - AR style rifles, most any big game rifle, shotguns, handguns, even on modern muzzleloading big game rifles. 
     The 1x TAC-DOT measures just 2.5 inches in length, and weighs a mere 2.1 ounces, adding absolutely no discernible weight to whatever gun this sight is mounted on.  Simple integral clamp type mount allows this sight to be locked onto a picatinny rail/base  or Weaver style base in just seconds, and the single stout Allen head torque mounting screw can be cinched tight for rock solid mounting of the TAC-DOT sight.  This sight is waterproof for use in any weather, and its shockproof construction can take on just about any environment and stand up to years of recoil.

     Sighting the TAC-DOT is easy, with windage and elevation screw adjustments that can be accessed without having to remove caps.  The heads of these adjustment screws are recessed slightly, to prevent bumping or rubbing them against something that could change alignment.  The 1x magnification eliminates parallax problems, plus there's no need to focus, and the eye relief is somewhat unlimited allowing this sight to be used whether it's mounted just 5 inches from the shooter's eye or mounted on a handgun held out 18 to 20 inches from the eye.  

     With just a little practice, target acquisition can be extremely fast, and once the sight alignment has been tweaked, the 4 MOA red dot reticle does not have to be perfectly centered in the lens.  The firearm is sighted to hit where the dot is on the target...whether the dot is a little high...low...right...or left of center in the lens when getting on the target quickly.  Great for hunting running game and taking a quick, on target, shot.
     TAC-DOT sights feature fully multi-coated optics for maximum light transmission.  The brightness of the dot automatically adjusts to the brightness or dimness of the ambient light.    Comes with protective cover.  The new Hi-Lux Optics TAC-DOT retails for $129.95 and comes backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  For more information call toll free 1-888-445-8912, or drop the company an e-mail at  

Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Review Of The Hi-Lux TB-ML Muzzleloader Hunting Scope...

                  Leatherwood/ Hi-Lux TB-ML 3-9X40 Scope

   Dr. Jim Clary and wife Mary take a good look at the TB-ML multi-reticle muzzleloader hunting scope.  Here's how they start out their report...

"Over the years, we have mounted just about every make and model scope on our muzzleloaders in our quest to find the perfect ML scope.  We think that we have finally found it.  The Toby Bridges Signature Series TB-ML 3-9x40 scope by Hi-Lux Optics, of Torrance, CA.  It arrived last month and when we looked through the eyepiece, we were absolutely astounded.  It was so clear and the focus was so phenomenal that we were hard pressed to believe that such a scope was possible for the price.  We compared it side-by-side with our NXS Nightforce tactical scope which cost $1,800 and it was just as good.  The edges of the viewing field were just as sharp as the center.  Mr. John Wu, the head man at Leatherwood/Hi-Lux, was not exaggerating when he told us that he will not settle for second best"

To read more of Jim and Mary's report on this scope, go to the following link to The Firearm Blog...

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Scoping The Swiss K31 Rifle

Here's A Look At Another Application Of The 2-7x Hi-Lux Optics LER Scout Rifle Scope To Tap The Long Range Capability Of An Older Style Rifle - The Swiss K31.

"Minimum eye relief of the Hi-Lux scope is 8.7″ at 7X and is perfect for the K31. Most scout scopes are low power optics good for a quick shot at shorter ranges but not so good for target shooting at distance. With a variable power scope like the Hi-Lux I have the best of both worlds. I can turn it down to 2X and hammer targets off-hand at 50 yards or I can sit at the bench at 100 yards and test my handloads at 7X. The .308 BDC reticle is designed to be zeroed at 200 yards—center of crosshair—with hold-over marks for 300, 400 and 500 yards. The 7.5 x 55 K31 actually fires a .308-caliber bullet, although the brass casing differs from our own .308 Win and ballistics of the two cartridges are similar enough that I believe the reticle will work in this application."

Gus Norcross,

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Choosing the Right Scout Rifle AR Optic

"The movement of the windage adjustment to the left side is a brilliant idea which works and allows your support hand to handle the windage work.  I had the old CMR and loved it, but the new CMR4 is improved with a two additional night vision settings for glare free shooting in the dark of night and an improved reticle.  Crank up the illumination and you have an outstanding CQB optic.  If you are a ballistic nerd like me, this reticle has it all satisfying CQB to long range hit capability.  Hi-Lux has made the marks faint enough that they do not get in the way, but are visible enough when you need them.  Hi-Lux has even included flip up scope caps."

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To check out how the CMR4 compared to other "tactical" AR rifle optics, go to -