Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wm. Malcolm 8x USMC Sniper Scope Is A Hit With GOLD RUSH Cast Members...

In the photo above, GOLD RUSH cast member Jack Hoffman stops by the Leatherwood/Hi-Lux Optics booth to take a look at a Model 1903 A3 that has been set up for Vintage Sniper Rifle competition - and to talk about the need for stringent wolf control. He loved the Hi-Lux Optics addition of the 8x USMC Sniper model to the Wm. Malcolm line of vintage riflescopes. When he picked up the rifle, his comment was... "Now here's a real rifle!"

Jack is from Oregon, and an ardent elk hunter. Like many hunters in that state, he now fears that wolves moving in from Idaho will deal elk and other big game populations a devastating blow. He truly likes the idea of owning a rig like he's holding here, with honest 500 to 600 yard effectiveness.

When he commented that he'd truly love to own a rifle and scope combination such as this, GOLD RUSH cast members Jim Thurber and Dave Turin jokingly told him that he couldn't afford it.

I asked, "Have you found enough gold to buy one?" Then quickly blurted out, "Don't tell me...don't tell me...I've got several more episodes to watch this season!"

It's great to see regular folks like these three making it with a great reality television series. My guess is, in the not so distant future, Jack Hoffman will be shooting a Springfield 03A3...topped with an 8x Wm. Malcolm USMC Sniper model scope aboard. I truly enjoyed spending 20 or so minutes talking gold and guns with him and his fellow cast members. - Toby Bridges

Saturday, January 21, 2012


In this photo, Desert Storm USMC veteran Mike Sexton sights through a prototype of the new made Hi-Lux Optics 8x USMC SNIPER scope that has been added to the company's Wm. Malcolm line of vintage rifle scopes. Needless to say, this scope was one of the BIG HITS at the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas January 17-20.

All of those shooters in the know, immediately called this scope a Unertl. Hi-Lux Optics is not. This is officially a Wm. Malcolm reproduction of the Unertl style scope that the Marine Corps used on sniper rifles of WWII, Korea and the early years of Vietnam. And each is marked with the Wm. Malcom name...the USMC SNIPER model designation, and serial numbered.

The idea for recreating this scope emerged about 4 years ago, when Mike Sexton, Hi-Lux Optics owner John Wu and I sat down and discussed it. Then it became up to Mike and I to convice John that it was a worthy endeavor. That took two years...and then a year of development and refining. Mike Sexton also owns and operates Ironsighter, Inc., which just happens to be the leading scope repair service in the country today. One of the areas he specializes in is rebuilding original scopes of this type. And the scope now offered by Hi-Lux is correct in every way.

The one comment heard repeatedly at the show was something to the effect of... "The only difference I can see between this scope and an original 8x Unertl USMC scope is that the Unertl never had optics this good!"

If you are into vintage sniper rifle shooting, check this scope out over on the Hi-Lux Optics website. This one retails for just $549...some originals in excellent shape have gone for more than $3,000. - Toby Bridges, HI-LUX OPTICS P.R.