Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hi-Lux Optics 2-7x LER Scout Scope Features Drop Compensating .308 Win. Reticle

           Whether you love or hate the short and fast-handling Ruger Model 77 Gunsight Scout rifle, the new model has been a resounding success for the company.  Touted as the "if you could have just one rifle" rifle, Ruger's production of the new model, chambered for .308 Winchester, has been unable to keep up with demand.

            Popularized by gun writer Jeff Cooper about 40 years ago, the Scout rifle concept called for a fast handling, hard hitting short rifle that could be thrown to the shoulder and used immediately at near point blank range when the target was suddenly up close and personal - but which still had the capability of placing shots with a relatively high degree of accuracy at 300...400...or more yards.  Ruger's new rifle is just such a rifle, and to fully tap both its short range handiness and its longer range effectiveness, a majority of shooters are installing a long eye-relief scope on the forward mounted rail type platform that comes standard on the rifle.  One of the more popular scopes for this rifle has been the 2-7x LER Scout model offered by Hi-Lux Optics.
            The company has now made the scope an even more ideal companion for this rifle by introducing a model that features a reticle with built in bullet drop compensating hold over crossbars that will keep hits with most 150- to 168-grain bullets for the .308 Winchester in "The Zone" out to 600 yards.  The locations of the hold-over crossbars have been based on the slightly slower 2,600 to 2,700 f.p.s. velocities of the short 16.5" or 18" barrels of the carbine length Ruger Scout rifle.

            This is not a handgun scope, this is a scope designed specifically for mounting just forward of the receiver of a Scout rifle.  The eye relief, depending on the mounting for the scope and the shooter's eye, is 9 to 13 inches.  While the hold-over crossbars of the new drop compensating LER27x32BDC Scout model have been positioned to allow for .308 Winchester ballistics from a short barrel, the reticle can be very effectively used with just about any rifle caliber.  It just requires the shooter to do the shooting to determine the ranges where the hold-over crossbars are on with the caliber, load or bullet.
            Like all Hi-Lux Optics riflescopes, the new BDC variation of the 2-7x32mm LER Scout scope comes with fully multi-coated optics for exceptional clarity and brightness.  This extremely well built scope weighs just 12.3 ounces, and won't add a lot of weight to a fast handling short rifle.  It is also backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  The new variation of this popular Scout rifle scope retails for $199 - and is available for shipment now.  The scope is also offered with a fine duplex reticle and retails for $189.

            For more information on the LER Scout model scopes, visit the Hi-Lux Optics website at, give the company a call at 310 257-8142, or drop them an e-mail at

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Introducing the M40 Tactical Hunter

                                     Original Vietnam Era M40 Rifle & Scope

                                 Hi-Lux Optics M40 USMC Scope Reproduction

                                        Hi-Lux Optics M40 Tactical Hunter

                 During the Vietnam conflict, the U.S. Marine Corps set out to establish something of a standard rifle and scope combination for its best long range marksmen - the Marine Corps snipers.  The rifle they settled on was the Remington Model 40x, chambered for the 7.62 NATO (.308 Winchester) cartridge.  The rifles were custom accurized by Marine gunsmiths and topped with a 3-9x40mm scope featuring a built in ranging system that was simple and easy to use.  The combination of the rifle, a premium grade of the bolt-action Remington Model  700, and scope became known as the M40.

                Many former Marines and even more hunters of the 1960s have been quick to recognize a remake of the scope, which has been displayed by Hi-Lux Optics at the 2013 SHOT Show and at this year's NRA Show.  Those shooters who have looked through the OD green finished militarized version of what the company has dubbed the M40 USMC riflescope, which features the same reticle as the original, have voiced how much they would like to see the same scope, featuring the same ranging system, offered for today's big game hunter. 

                Hi-Lux Optics listened, and is now introducing a black finished sporting version of the scope - the M40 Tactical Hunter.

                This 3-9x40mm hunting scope is built with the same ranging system that Marine Corps snipers relied on in Vietnam - only it has been improved.  To determine the distance of a target, the hunter simply zooms the power/magnification higher or lower until the chest cavity (appx. 18" top to bottom) of a deer, pronghorn, wild hog, or similar sized big game animal, is framed by the two parallel crosshairs near the top of the reticle.  (A pair of cross-bars on the horizontal crosshair also allow easy ranging by framing the body length of the game being hunted - from coyotes to big game.) The range can then be seen on a yardage scale at the bottom of the rear lens.  Knowing the distance to the target and knowing the trajectory of the rifle and load allows a more precise placement of the shot.

                        M40 Tactical Hunter Reticle (Shown Without Ranging Scale)

                Hi-Lux Optics improved this ranging system by relying on an etched glass yardage scale, positioned in the first focal plane, instead of the plastic scale found in the original scopes mounted on the M40 Marine Corps sniper rifles.  The system determines ranges from 200 to 600 yards with reliable accuracy for most hunting situations.  Another improvement with the M40 Tactical Hunter ranging reticle is the addition of bullet drop compensating  cross-bars for placing shots at 300 to 600 yards.  These BDC holdovers have been calibrated for standard service round .308 Winchester and .223 Remington ammo, but work well with more than a dozen other popular calibers.  Likewise, when the shooter takes the time to do the shooting to determine where these cross-bars place bullet impact, this scope can be effectively used with any rifle chambered for any cartridge or load.

                Like all Hi-Lux optics riflescopes, both the M40 Tactical Hunter and the M40 USMC versions of this scope come with fully multi-coated lenses for the absolute brightest and sharpest target image possible.  The M40 Series scopes are backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  Suggested retail price for either version in $399.

                Hi-Lux Optics is scheduled to have the M40 USMC model in stock by the end of summer, and the M40 Tactical Hunter model should be available in early fall.  Watch for availability info on the Hi-Lux Optics website at , give the company a call at 310 257-8142, or drop them an e-mail at to learn more about when these scopes should be ready to ship.