Friday, December 14, 2012

Hi-Lux Optics Recreates Vietnam Era USMC Sniper Scope

                In 1965, the U.S. Marine Corps began its search for a new rifle and scope combo to serve as their  official combat sniper rifle.  The goal was to have USMC  armorers customize and accurize a readily available production rifle.  The Corps settled on the Remington Model 40x, a premium grade of the Model 700, chambered for the .308 Winchester (a.k.a. 7.62 NATO) cartridge, and topped it with a commercially available 3-9x40mm variable power hunting scope that featured a simple and easy to learn ranging system.  The rifle was designated the M40.

                 Hi-Lux Optics is now recreating this 1960's era scope for all of those "old school" sharpshooters among us, those who take the time to know the trajectory of the loads they shoot.  However, Hi-Lux Optics has made some major internal improvements.  The optics are far superior to that of the original, with precision ground lenses that are fully multi-coated for maximum light transmission.  Hi-Lux Optics has also added positive 1/4" click adjustments to the windage and elevation turrets.

                The Auto-Ranging system incorporated in this scope features two parallel horizontal crosshairs near the top of the reticle.  Showing at the bottom of the rear lens is a yardage scale.  The shooter simply zooms in on a known target of 18 inches, until it fits perfectly between the two crosshairs, then reads the range at the bottom.  The reticle accurately ranges from 200 to 600 yards. The yardage scale used in the original Marine Corps scope was made of plastic, and often melted in the heat of Vietnam.  The Hi-Lux M40 USMC 3-9x40mm Sniper model is built with an etched glass yardage scale.

                This scope comes in choice of anodized finish - deep black or olive drab green, and is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.   The finishing touches are now being made to this recreation of a vintage scope from the past, and should be on display at the SHOT Show.  The anticipated retail price is $319.  If you are attending the show at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas,  January 15 thru 18, be sure to stop by the Hi-Lux Optics booth (No. 1017) and take a look at the M40 USMC 3-9x40mm Sniper model.

                For more information on the delivery date of this scope and other models in the Hi-Lux Optics line, call 310 257-8142 or send an e-mail to

(Accompanying photo shows the USMC M40 rifle and auto-ranging scope used by Marine Corps sniper Chuck Mawhinney in Vietnam.  He was the Corps' top sharpshooter during that conflict.  The rifle is in the Marine Corps Museum.)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Hi-Lux Optics LER Scout - Specifically Designed for Today's Scout Rifles

                Gun writer Jeff Cooper has been rightfully credited with popularizing the "Scout Rifle" concept, thanks to his coverage of such rifles through the 1980s.  Rifles of that type have been around for decades,  in a variety of short and fast handling bolt-action, semi-auto and even lever-action models that can deliver a high rate of fire, and which can be quickly reloaded - yet still offer a dependable degree of accuracy.  Scout rifle shooters  looking to fully tap that capability are turning to low magnification scopes mounted forward of the receiver.  One of the best scopes available today for rifles of this type is the Hi-Lux Optics 2-7x32mm LER Scout.

                This scope has been specifically designed for being mounted in just this fashion.   The LER Scout is not a handgun scope.  Depending on the magnification setting, the workable eye relief of this scope is approximately 8 to 13 inches, which puts it mounted in front of the receiver.   With the LER Scout  magnification turned down to the lowest 2x setting, a hunter following wounded game can hold the rifle in the ready position, and when the target suddenly appears at close range, just snapping the rifle up to the shoulder will generally put the reticle on the target.  A rifle in a popular caliber such as .308 Winchester can still deliver the accuracy and performance needed for shots out to and past 200 yards - and the LER Scout offers the higher magnification often needed to precisely place those longer range shots.

                The LER Scout is ideal for whenever a scope must be mounted forward - whether the shooter is assembling his own Scout Rifle...or perhaps when mounting the scope on a top-ejection lever action rifle, or even to set clear of the hammer on a traditionally styled muzzleloading big game rifle.  This scope is built with a high tensile strength one-piece aluminum tube and the lenses have been fully multi-coated to insure a clear, bright and sharp sight picture.  Shooters can choose between a standard fine duplex reticle or a heavy German style 3-post reticle.  A Fast Focus eye-piece allows easy multi-shooter use, and the 1/4" click windage and elevation adjustment is crisp and positive.  The Hi-Lux Optics LER Scout retails for $189 and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.   

Monday, October 15, 2012

SNIPER CENTRAL Reviews The Leatherwood/Hi-Lux M1000 ART Scope

"One of the things that made the M21 a successful sniping system during the Vietnam War was the ultra-simplistic means of range estimation that would also automatically adjust the scope for ballistic drop at whatever range the scope estimated the target to be at. This was known as the Auto Ranging Telescope, or ART, and it was designed by James Leatherwood. These original ART setups on the M21 used a Redfield 3-9x scope and there were two distinct versions of the setup through the M21's life time. The Leatherwood name now appears on a very similar setup to the original ART and it is the same concept and even carries the same ART title, but are they as effective as the original? There is only one way to find out."

                                                                    SNIPER CENTRAL

To read their full review and comparison to the Vietnam era ART scope...go to this link -


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Introducing The New 1-4x CMR-AK762 Tactical Scope

                Hi-Lux Optics has answered the call for the CMR scope designed for the standard AK47 service round.

                The new CMR-AK762 is identical in every way to the original CMR1-4x24mm model, except for the reticle, which has been designed around the ballistics of the 7.62x39mm cartridge.  The new reticle still incorporates the illuminated center circle and dot, now with a second bolder outter illuminated ring for faster centering of the target, plus ranging brackets for getting on target quickly and knowing the range when a shot or shots must be taken immediately.  For longer range work with the 7.62x39mm round, the reticle features bullet drop compensating hold over lines to 900 meters.  The same hold over lines can be used to 550 meters for target work with rifles in .300 BLK or .300 Whisper.  At 4x the reticle also includes a feature for estimating range to 1,000 yards.  

                This new version of the CMR scope  is built with a rigid 30mm aluminum tube, and the variable magnification ring can be taken from  1x to 4x, or back, with the flick of the shooter's thumb.  Like the original CMR, the 1x setting gives the shooter true 1x magnification.  Brightness of the illuminated center reticle can be adjusted as needed thanks to an 11 setting rheostat.   Another great feature of this scope is the Hi-Lux Optics "Zero Locking System", which allows windage and elevation alignments to be locked in place, with just enough minor adjustment for adapting the setting to shooting conditions or range - then being able to precisely return to the original settings.

                Like all Hi-Lux Optics scopes, the CMR-AK762 comes with fully multi-coated lenses for maximum light transmission.  Available in matte blue black finish only, and comes with flip up lens covers.  The scope is backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and retails for $459.

                Watch for more on this great new model in the near future on the Hi-Lux Optics website at .


Monday, September 17, 2012

Leatherwood Hi-Lux Optics "Wm. Malcolm" USMC SNIPER Scope Does Well At 2012 CMP Vintage Sniper Match

There was a new competitor on the firing line at this year's Vintage Sniper Match held at Camp Perry, OH during the Civilian Marksmanship Program's National Games on July 31 thru August 4, 2012.  And when the shooting ended that competitor walked away with the 2nd, 3rd and 11th place awards, plus placed in several other Top 25 spots.   We're talking about the new-made copy of the scope used by U.S. Marine Corps snipers during WWII - the Leatherwood/Hi-Lux "Wm. Malcolm" 8x USMC SNIPER scope, which was making its debut at the Camp Perry matches.

This is a new competition for Camp Perry.  Still, 241 two-man sniper teams competed, firing vintage scoped military rifles from the prone position.  Each team consists of a shooter and a spotter, and each team member first fires 10 rounds on a target at 300 yards, firing in 20 second intervals.  Both then repeat the sequence, spotting then shooting, at 600 yards.  Their scores are then combined for a team aggregate.

One observer said there had to be at least 50 of the new-made Hi-Lux Optic "Wm. Malcolm" 8x USMC SNIPER scopes on the line.  The scope had been in production for less than 6 months, and many shooters were amazed at how quickly the model has been accepted by serious competition shooters. 

Company president John Wu attended the match to speak with competitors, and says he was pleased to receive a tremendous amount of positive feedback, and to listen to the wants and needs of those competing in this match.  He said, "We appreciate everyone who took time to visit us and we congratulate all the competitors on helping this years' CMP match to be a very successful event."
Here is a link to the video Hi-Lux Optics posted about the CMP and Vintage Sniper Match on YouTube:

For more information on this scope, please contact  Hi-Lux, Inc at or call 1-888-445-8912

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hi-Lux Optics PRO 30mm Riflescopes Are Built For The Serious Rifleman

Feature for feature, the Hi-Lux Optics PRO 30mm riflescopes easily compare to many higher priced models costing twice as much - or more.  The crafting of this model begins with a solid one-piece 30mm diameter high tensile strength aluminum tube.  Here is a full-featured scope for those shooters who like to keep a scope mounted low and closer to the bore.  The 1.5-6x model is built with a 42mm objective lens, while the 2.5-10x model comes with a 44mm objective lens.  Both offer an exceptionally big and bright sight picture.

Like all Hi-Lux Optics riflescopes, the air surfaces of every lens used in the construction of this great scope are fully multi-coated to insure maximum light transmission.  These scopes also come with crisp and precise target style windage and elevation adjustment turrets, with 1/4" click adjustment.   The 2.5-10x model  comes with the Hi-Lux Optics "No Math Mil-Dot" ranging system.  Just zoom in on a known 18-inch object  (like a deer's chest cavity from top to bottom) until it fits inside a grid incorporated in the reticle, then look at the range on the magnification power ring.  This model will range from 250 to 1,000 yards.

The PRO 30mm models are built tough to take on any terrain your hunts will take you into - and reliably hold alignment.  Compare this scope with any other 30mm scope of this class and you'll immediately realize what makes this series such a great buy.  The 1.5-6x model retails for $199, the 2.5-10x scope sells for $239.  Each comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

For more on information on these great scopes, go to, drop Hi-Lux Optics an e-mail at , or call 1-888-445-8912.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2.5x WWII Sniper Scope Is A New Addition To The Hi-Lux Optics "Wm. Malcolm" Line...

Available Now! 
When the United States entered World War II, the country was not prepared to arm as many soldiers as needed with the latest U.S. military rifle - the semi-automatic M1 Garand.  Hundreds of thousands of WW I vintage Springfield Model 1903 rifles were pulled out of storage and sent back into war.  Using original tooling for building these rifles, both Remington and Smith-Corona also began producing what became designated the M1903A3.  To fulfill the need for sniper rifles, in 1942 the U.S. Army adopted the M1903A4 as the first standardized U.S. sniper rifle.  This version of the Remington M1903A3 came without a rear or front sight, and had been fitted with a 3/4-inch diameter Weaver 330C 2.5x riflescope, designated the M73B1, attached with a one-piece base and rings produced by Redfield.  In all, 29,964 of these rifles were produced.

Hi-Lux Optics is now adding a new-made version of this scope - which has been totally re-engineered from the inside out to produce a scope that is far superior to the orignals.  While it is being introduced primarily for those wanting to shoot a fairly authentic looking and shooting M1903A4 in Vintage Sniper Rifle competition, this newest addition to the Wm. Malcolm line would also look right at home on older hunting rifles, like the Savage Model 99 and Winchester Model 75 Sporter.  The scope features a 3.54" eye relief, and the 2.5x magnification is ideal for those under 100-yard shots at deer in the woods...or at a bushytail gnawing away at a hickory nut on a limb 15 to 20 yards above.

What truly sets this scope apart from the originals is the quality of the optics.  This is the brightest and clearest scope of its kind ever produced.  Watch the Hi-Lux Optics website for its availability.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The 3-9x40mm hunting scopes have traditionally been the best selling scopes on the market.  And the Hi-Lux Optics "Buck Country" scope in that magnification range is one of the very best moderate priced scopes available today.  This scope is built with features, such as fully multi-coated lenses...and Tri-Center coil spring tension on the internal errector, which make it comparable to scopes costing $300...$400...or more.  However, this great all around hunting scope, which is just at home on a center-fire rifle...or modern in-line ignition muzzleloader...or a shotgun loaded with slugs carries a suggested retail price of just $139. 

If you are looking for all the value you can find in a quality basic hunting scope...this is the scope you've been seeking - for more information go to the Hi-Lux Optics website at .

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012

First Experiences With The Wm. Malcolm 8x USMC Sniper Scope

A couple of months back, I received my 8x USMC Sniper model scope...even before I had a rifle to put it on.  Fortunately, I have a father-in-law with close to 500 guns...many of them with the blocks for this style scope already mounted on them.  Among that wealth of firearms are seven Winchester Model 52 .22 caliber target rifles.  So, I borrowed one to check out the new scope. 

When I picked out the rifle I wanted to shoot with the new scope, ironically it already had an 8x Unertl of the same type mounted on it.  Sticking the new-made Hi-Lux Optics scope on the rifle took all of 60 seconds...maybe.  The handy thing about visiting these in-laws is that there's a range on the property...and within 20 minutes of mounting the scope on the excellent condition Model 52...shooting plain ol' Winchester Super-X .22 Long Rifle cartridges, I had the scope sighted in to hit "dead on" at 50 yards...and my first 50-yard group with the rifle & scope combo printed inside the "X" ring and could have been covered with a quarter.

Sad thing's time to return the rifle.  So...I'll see what else I can borrow.  Hmmm...maybe his .22-250 Wickliffe single-shot varmint rifle...or perhaps one of his heavy barreled .308 Winchester target rifles...or.......

Toby Bridges
PR Manager
Hi-Lux Optics

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hi-Lux Optics TB-ML vs. Nikon Omega Muzzleloader Hunting Scope...

Are you in the market for a new scope for a modern in-line ignition muzleloading big game rifle? NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING compares the Hi-Lux Optics TB-ML scope with Nikon's Omega muzzleloader hunting scope.

Both scopes performed as they were designed to perform...but which performed the best?

Read and see...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

225-Yard Shot With The Hi-Lux Optics TB-ML Muzzleloader Hunting Scope!

Last November (2011) I put in a lot of time looking for a decent buck, most of it without spotting any horns at all. An end of the season muzzleloader hunt for either mule deer or whitetails, took me into the Missouri Breaks country of central Montana. The first three days, I concentrated on mule deer, and spotted several true "Monster Bucks", but could not manage to get within range. On Thanksgiving morning, I switched to river bottom whitetails in order to put some meat in the freezer - and took this decent 5x5 with one well-placed shot at about 225 yards. The TB-ML scope helped put that shot exactly where it needed to go! To read an article on the hunt, go to -

Toby Bridges

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Close Out Of A.R.T. Style "In-Liner" Muzzleloader Scopes

Here's a last chance to own a piece of modern in-line muzzleloading history - the "In-Liner" ART scope developed by Jim Leatherwood, which retailed for $299 twelve years ago. It incorporates the same Auto Ranging & Trajectory "Camputer" system as the sniper scopes designed by Jim for Vietnam era military snipers. For more information on this SPECIAL CLOSE OUT on the NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING website...go to the following link - SPECIAL CLOSEOUT PRICE - $89 PLUS SHIPPING. LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vintage Style Wm. Malcolm Scope & .45-70 Winchester High Wall Prove To Be Strong Medicine For South Dakota Buffalo!

"Thanks for making this fine old product that adds much to the enjoyment of shooting."

Jim Joy
Columbia, MO


Jim and three of his life long friends booked a buffalo hunt on the Triple U Ranch near Fort Pierre, South Dakota. It was their way of celebrating turning 65. He says it was great fun.

The other three all relied on lever-action .45-70 rifles. Jim had stumbled on the Browning .45-70 copy of a Winchester High Wall in the above photo at a gun show in his hometown of Columbia, MO - and he just knew it was the gun to use for taking his bufalo.

Jim shares, "The older I get...the more I like scopes...but didn't think a modern scope would be appropriate."

He bought the Leatherwood/Hi-Lux Optics 3x Wm. Malcolm scope from Midway USA, and took his buffalo at just 50 yards. Jim was shooting Buffalo Bore P+ ammo, with a 405-grain bullet. He found the bull in the scope as it ran past, placing the shot through the base of the skull. Jim...the scope...and the rifle were right on target - and the bull went down to a single shot.

He says, "When I show off my big buffalo, most will write back and ask about the rifle and scope. Just fun to look at."


The great thing about the short 3x and 6x Malcolm scopes is that they do indeed look right at home on a wide range of rifles that were produced from the late 1870s well into the 1940s. Hi-Lux Optics offers a variety of mounts that make it easier to install the scope on a number of very popular models dating from that period. The scopes do come with a set of standard base blocks, that with professional gunsmith drilling and tapping can also be mounted right on many round or octagonal barrels.

These 3/4-inch diameter steel tube scopes have not been built just to look right. They are precision sighting systems, built with modern multi-coated lenses that make them far brighter than the originals they copy. Each scope is nitrogen filled to prevent fogging, and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

If you have a Model 1873/76 Winchester...a Remington Rolling Block...a fine old Stevens single shot...a Winchester Model 52 Target or Sporter Model...a rifle like Jim's...or any of dozens of other vintage rifle models and need optics to enjoy shooting it - THIS IS THE SCOPE FOR YOU.

Check out the Wm. Malcolm line of vintage riflescopes on the Hi-Lux Optics website at

Thursday, March 15, 2012



"I received my USMC Sniper scope yesterday and had to write. You’ve done an excellent job on this scope. I have a Unertl 8X Target & Varmint scope and I’ll confirm that your scope is noticeably brighter. The fit and finish is very close to the Unertl. The fit and finish of this scope was a concern of mine. Those final polishings and fittings can be so very expensive these days. However there was no need for my concern. Of particular note is how well you have replicated the front and rear mounts. My Unertl scopes are all 50s-60s vintage so I’m not familiar with the exact configuration of the mounts on the original USMC Unertl."

Gary Newyear

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wm. Malcolm 8x USMC Sniper Scope Is A Hit With GOLD RUSH Cast Members...

In the photo above, GOLD RUSH cast member Jack Hoffman stops by the Leatherwood/Hi-Lux Optics booth to take a look at a Model 1903 A3 that has been set up for Vintage Sniper Rifle competition - and to talk about the need for stringent wolf control. He loved the Hi-Lux Optics addition of the 8x USMC Sniper model to the Wm. Malcolm line of vintage riflescopes. When he picked up the rifle, his comment was... "Now here's a real rifle!"

Jack is from Oregon, and an ardent elk hunter. Like many hunters in that state, he now fears that wolves moving in from Idaho will deal elk and other big game populations a devastating blow. He truly likes the idea of owning a rig like he's holding here, with honest 500 to 600 yard effectiveness.

When he commented that he'd truly love to own a rifle and scope combination such as this, GOLD RUSH cast members Jim Thurber and Dave Turin jokingly told him that he couldn't afford it.

I asked, "Have you found enough gold to buy one?" Then quickly blurted out, "Don't tell me...don't tell me...I've got several more episodes to watch this season!"

It's great to see regular folks like these three making it with a great reality television series. My guess is, in the not so distant future, Jack Hoffman will be shooting a Springfield 03A3...topped with an 8x Wm. Malcolm USMC Sniper model scope aboard. I truly enjoyed spending 20 or so minutes talking gold and guns with him and his fellow cast members. - Toby Bridges

Saturday, January 21, 2012


In this photo, Desert Storm USMC veteran Mike Sexton sights through a prototype of the new made Hi-Lux Optics 8x USMC SNIPER scope that has been added to the company's Wm. Malcolm line of vintage rifle scopes. Needless to say, this scope was one of the BIG HITS at the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas January 17-20.

All of those shooters in the know, immediately called this scope a Unertl. Hi-Lux Optics is not. This is officially a Wm. Malcolm reproduction of the Unertl style scope that the Marine Corps used on sniper rifles of WWII, Korea and the early years of Vietnam. And each is marked with the Wm. Malcom name...the USMC SNIPER model designation, and serial numbered.

The idea for recreating this scope emerged about 4 years ago, when Mike Sexton, Hi-Lux Optics owner John Wu and I sat down and discussed it. Then it became up to Mike and I to convice John that it was a worthy endeavor. That took two years...and then a year of development and refining. Mike Sexton also owns and operates Ironsighter, Inc., which just happens to be the leading scope repair service in the country today. One of the areas he specializes in is rebuilding original scopes of this type. And the scope now offered by Hi-Lux is correct in every way.

The one comment heard repeatedly at the show was something to the effect of... "The only difference I can see between this scope and an original 8x Unertl USMC scope is that the Unertl never had optics this good!"

If you are into vintage sniper rifle shooting, check this scope out over on the Hi-Lux Optics website. This one retails for just $549...some originals in excellent shape have gone for more than $3,000. - Toby Bridges, HI-LUX OPTICS P.R.