Friday, July 13, 2012

First Experiences With The Wm. Malcolm 8x USMC Sniper Scope

A couple of months back, I received my 8x USMC Sniper model scope...even before I had a rifle to put it on.  Fortunately, I have a father-in-law with close to 500 guns...many of them with the blocks for this style scope already mounted on them.  Among that wealth of firearms are seven Winchester Model 52 .22 caliber target rifles.  So, I borrowed one to check out the new scope. 

When I picked out the rifle I wanted to shoot with the new scope, ironically it already had an 8x Unertl of the same type mounted on it.  Sticking the new-made Hi-Lux Optics scope on the rifle took all of 60 seconds...maybe.  The handy thing about visiting these in-laws is that there's a range on the property...and within 20 minutes of mounting the scope on the excellent condition Model 52...shooting plain ol' Winchester Super-X .22 Long Rifle cartridges, I had the scope sighted in to hit "dead on" at 50 yards...and my first 50-yard group with the rifle & scope combo printed inside the "X" ring and could have been covered with a quarter.

Sad thing's time to return the rifle.  So...I'll see what else I can borrow.  Hmmm...maybe his .22-250 Wickliffe single-shot varmint rifle...or perhaps one of his heavy barreled .308 Winchester target rifles...or.......

Toby Bridges
PR Manager
Hi-Lux Optics

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