Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Testing The New Hi-Lux Optics Max-Tac Dot Sight In Extreme Cold Weather

                     One Very Cold Montana Deer Hunt Puts This Electronic Sight Through Its Paces... 

"Using the padded rail that went around the front of the stand as a rest, I hit the "on" button of the Max-Tac Dot sight and looked through it to make sure the reticle was on. The two young deer held their course, coming right along the edge...then about a hundred yards away they began to slightly angle out into the field. Fortunately, they then began walking parallel with the edge of the timber...and as the deer slowly eased past at about 40 yards, I centered the glowing red dot right over the rear line of the front shoulder...cocked the hammer back...steadied my hold...and eased back on the trigger. The big handgun barked...and the makings of one fine roast (and other great eating) went down on the spot. The shot was perfectly placed along the rear edge of the front shoulder..."

To read the entire article on this hunt with the Max-Tac Dot topped .50 caliber Traditions VORTEK Pistol shown above, go to - 


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