Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hi-Lux Optics Introduces New PentaLux TAC-V "Five Ratio" Model Scopes


            For 2015, Hi-Lux Optics is proud to announce the introduction of the company's new PentaLux  rifle scope technology, and the first models to feature that technology.  The equally new and exciting TAC-V scopes are based on a "Five Ratio" magnification range, initially being offered in 2-10x42mm and 4-20x50mm models.  These two new one-piece 30mm tube scopes have been designed for the serious long range tactical shooter or hunter.

            One major advantage of the PentaLux technology incorporated in the TAC-V models is how the "Five Ratio" system allows a wider magnification range without adding length and weight.  The 2-10x42mm model measures 12 inches in length, and weighs 17.6 ounces - making it shorter than most 3-9x40mm scopes currently on the market.  The 4-20x50mm TAC-V scope measures 14.5 inches in length - offering a greater magnification range than the 4-16x and 6-18x scopes now available - without adding to the length of the scope.

            For accuracy minded shooters looking for tighter and more precise click adjustment, the new TAC-V models offer MIL adjustment instead of MOA adjustment.  Each click with either the windage or elevation turret moves bullet impact at 100 meters just .01 mil.  The TAC-V models also incorporate a new illuminated etched glass reticle, with ranging scales and hold-over aiming marks in both MRAD and MOA.  This reticle will take the guess work out of determining the range of a distant target...and provides the proper hold over marks for the shooter who knows the trajectory of the round and load being shot.

            The Hi-Lux Optics TAC-V scopes feature premium quality glass lenses, meticulously polished to photographic clarity, and are fully multi-coated to produce an exceptionally bright sight picture.  A handy left-side parallax/focus turret makes it quick and easy to keep that target clear and crisp.  The TAC-V scopes are built with a 4-inch eye relief.

            Like all Hi-Lux Optics rifle scopes, the TAC-V scope models are built with rugged construction, to withstand punishing recoil.  The wear resistant PermaCoat finish insures these scopes can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.  PentaLux TAC-V scopes are backed with the Hi-Lux Optics "Limited Lifetime Warranty".

If You Are Attending The 2015 SHOT Show In Las Vegas, January 20-23, Be Sure To Come By The Hi-Lux Booth (No. 421) To Take A Look At The New TAC-V Scopes


  1. I've seen an article stating these were second focal plane... I'm hoping you'll state they are first focal plane so that I can make a point of tracking them down. The specs otherwise seem perfect.

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