Friday, September 5, 2014

Hi-Lux Optics Introduces New MAX-TAC Dot Sight

The Shooting Wire shares a look at the new MAX-TAC Dot reflex red-dot sight from Hi-Lux Optics.  This is a high quality and full featured electronic red-dot sight at a price that won't clean out your bank account. Here's more on this great sight -



Last fall, I put the prototype of the MAX-TAC Dot sight through some fairly extensive test shooting, and was so impressed with the sight I also used it on a Traditions .50 caliber in-line ignition muzzleloading pistol to fill one of my Montana antlerless whitetail tags.

I was shooting a 60-grain charge of Blackhorn 209 behind a saboted 240-grain Scorpion PT Gold bullet (from Harvester Muzzleloading).  The yearling whitetail offered a perfect 40-yard broadside shot...and when the illuminated red dot of the sight was perfectly behind the shoulder...the trigger slowly came back...the big handgun barked...and the deer went down.  It was -15 degrees that morning.  - Toby Bridges, Hi-Lux Optics

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