Monday, January 6, 2014


"One of the reasons 1-4X scope have been taking the AR industry by storm is that at 1X magnification, the scope can take the place of a both eyes open red-dot sight and with higher magnification setting it provides the power for reliable hits at longer distances. The scope features Diamond Tuff14 multi-coated photographic polished lenses for clear sharp images and true 96% light transmission, fog-proof construction, combination horse shoe dot reticle, a subdued 308/.223 calibrated bullet drop compensating reticle, “no-math” ranging MOA and MIL-DOT reticle, choice of red or green illuminated models with 11 levels including a very low night vision setting. Other notable features are Leatherwood’s zero-able “Zero Locking System” target turrets, wear resistant Prema-Coat blue-black finish, positive audible turret click adjustment, and class leading FOV. The Hi-Lux CMR is a hell of a scope for the money. The scope sits in the middle ground between crazy expensive and in-expensive. It is nearly twice the price of the Millet DMS, but it is about half the price of the competing Trijicon AccuPoint all while offering more features."

Major Pandemic

See what else he has to say about Hi-Lux Optics' best selling model...

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